March 23, 2015


TecFounders is a discovery and seed fund for innovation. Our focus is to assist top-notch teams and entrepreneurs solving huge pains. It is run by professional fund managers supported by students and accelerator programs.

We invest up to MXN $250,000 as part as our discovering strategy to validate the problem and generate early traction. We also make follow-up investments on the best deals of up to MXN $1,650,000.


We seek for innovations various industries like mobile, biotech, nanotech, fintech, health, education, e-commerce, energy, and others.


Entrepreneurs that are funded by us will also have access to:

  • Office Space
  • Access to platforms and software to build your business
  • Labs and other infrastructure
  • Connection to follow-on funding sources
  • Access to top-tier service providers for free/minimum fees
  • Advisory and mentorship
  • Recommendation of specific acceleration programs